Siobhan on South East Radio

Siobhan will be on South East Radio this Friday, 6th October 2017, talking with Alan Corcoran about IVF

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Join Siobhan on South East Radio this Friday

There’s a lot of talk in the media about IVF and the stress couples are under trying to get pregnant. South East radio have asked Siobhan to come on to talk about the emphasis placed on IVF, alternatives to it and, if needed, how she can help support IVF treatments. Siobhan has successfully helped many couples with fertility problems, including those who previously had failed IVFs.

Some of her patients will be joining them to speak of their IVF experiences and how Siobhan has helped. They will be telling their stories tomorrow with Siobhan including three women who are now pregnant and one man who's stories include recurrent failed IVF cycles, recurrent miscarriages, poor semen analysis including a failed donor embryo cycle.

  • One woman is now pregnant naturally (at 18 weeks)after 5-6 weeks of Siobhan's treatment for both partners.
  • One woman who used surrogacy to achieve pregnancy and is now pregnant naturally with Siobhan's help.
  • A woman who had a very high FSH result, where donor would have been her only option, is now pregnant naturally for the second time with Siobhan's treatment.

They are all coming on to talk to try to give hope to others

Please share to help spread the word on this important topic as this will be relevant to many couples.

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