What You Should Know About IVF

Radio Interview with Siobhan, Alan Corcoran (SE Radio) and Siobhan patients

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Helping Couples who have Failed IVFs

Siobhan was on South East Radio to talk about IVF as there's been much media coverage on this recently. Some of her patients joined her to speak of their IVF experiences and to talk about how Siobhan has helped. Their stories include recurrent failed IVF cycles, recurrent miscarriages, and poor semen analysis including a failed donor embryo cycle. You can read their stories and catch up on the radio interview below.

  • Catriona is a nurse who had a very high FSH and a low AMH result. She was told that IVF with a donor egg was her only option. She went to see Siobhan who treated her with acupuncture and herbs. She became pregnant naturally after just 10 weeks.  That was for her first baby. When she wanted a second baby, she went back to Siobhan and again conceived naturally.  She is now 34 weeks pregnant with this baby and all is well. 
  • John and Rachel had four failed IVFs including a frozen donor embryo transfer. John had poor semen analysis and they were told they would need ICSI IVF. Three of the initial IVFs were successful during the transfer, however, these resulted in three early miscarriages. The fourth IVF did not result in a pregnancy. Eventually they came upon Siobhan who started treating their underlying conditions. Within 5 weeks of using herbs and Siobhan's help, Rachel became pregnant naturally. Both partners were treated to increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy. Rachel is now 19 weeks pregnant and all is looking good.
  • Bea had a diagnosis of PCOS and a blood clotting issue. She had four failed IVFs then went to use a surrogate for her twin boys. Siobhan treated her using acupuncture and herbs to help improve the egg quality for the surrogacy. The egg was of such excellent quality that it split giving her identical, healthy twins. Since then she's returned to Siobhan for acupuncture and herbs. She is now 30 weeks pregnant and conceived naturally. This was, again, with Siobhan's help.

Dr. Andra Bohart-Hone, a consultant surgeon, was also treated by Siobhan. She did not feature in the radio interview but rang in to South East radio to say that she was happy to share her story. She had 13 failed IVFs, is an older woman, and went to Siobhan for help with her 14th IVF. She started treatment with Siobhan a few months before the actual process began. She had a transfer which resulted in a successful pregnancy and then gave birth to healthy twins last December.

A big thank you to those who came on South East radio at short notice to talk about their experiences and to give hope to others. Siobhan has successfully helped many couples with fertility problems, including those who previously had failed IVFs. Give her a call today to see if she can help you.