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After a few years of trying to get pregnant and no success we started looking at what our options were. Having gone to get fertility tests done we were told that we were unexplained. We were told to keep trying, were given information leaflets on IVF Treatments and told to come back in a year if we wanted to proceed. This whole experience was pretty unsatisfactory and we felt pretty helpless.

In the meantime my wife heard about Siobhán and wondered should we look into visiting her. The appointment was booked for early 2019 and we went to see Siobhán who looked at our tongues to diagnose us and came up with incredible insights almost immediately. She was able to tell all sorts of physical and personality traits and was able to identify what she thought we needed to do.

We were given bags of herbs which we had to cook once a week and we also met a dietician who guided us on how to follow diet that suited what Siobhán had diagnosed. For me this was massive, we were being given clear advice on what we could do to take control of the situation. Although we were healthy active people with no illnesses before seeing Siobhán we fully embraced all the lifestyle changes prescribed by Siobhán.

We were eating better, sleeping better and putting up with drinking the herbs! Then a short time later we were due to go on holiday and my wife did a test and we were pregnant. It all had worked!

We now have a healthy, happy little 4 month old daughter and she’s doing so well, interested in everything and full of smiles.

What I would say about Siobhán is that she gives you the tools to change things, it is up to you to embrace it and go with it. I’d highly recommend giving Siobhán a try if trying to conceive, she brings huge knowledge and experience of Chinese and traditional western medicine and makes it easy to understand and follow.


Fergal -Ballinteer, Dublin - June 2020