Unexplained Infertility and Thinking About IVF

Pregnant Within Five Weeks on Herbs - Siobhán gave us hope when no one else would. We will be forever grateful.

· Unexplained,Failed IVF

When myself and my husband decided to try for a baby, little did we realise how difficult it would be. The feeling of absolute despair every month when I realised that yet again I wasn’t pregnant was unbearable. We both had tests done to check our fertility levels and all came back positive. Finally after a year, we were advised that IVF was our only option.

As luck would have it, my sister told me about a lady called Siobhán Keohe in Wexford who had helped her friends to have a baby. We made an appointment and on meeting Siobhán, we told her we didn’t believe in the Chinese Herbs. We decided to give it a go and five weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test!!

It is a hard journey going on the herbs – I can’t lie. We had to cut out dairy and wheat which was so difficult, but it is a worthwhile journey. I would encourage everyone with fertility issues to trust in Siobhán. She gave us hope when no one else would. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have our beautiful baby girl. We will forever be grateful.