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Our Positive Story

We were blessed with two healthy boys in 2014 and 2016, and in 2018 we decided to try for our third baby. I conceived within a month or two, which was the case with my previous pregnancies. Unfortunately, on the 1st May at 8 weeks I had some spotting and a few days later I lost our baby, we had a consecutive miscarriage in June of 2018.

At the time we had lost an immediate family member and concluded that the external stress perhaps had a factor in the miscarriage. Conceiving had never seemed to be an obstacle for us, it was maintaining the pregnancy that was and issue, which I naturally blamed myself for.

After sometime in 2019 life was back 'on track' and we decided to try again. This time due to my previous history I had two early scans at 6 and 9 weeks and all was well. Coming on 12 weeks I felt something wasn't right but thought it was my head playing tricks on me as I tend to over analyse things. Unfortunately, I suffered a miscarriage, we were heart broken.

Family and friends commented innocently that we had two healthy boys and should be grateful. Which we were so grateful, but we longed for more. After routine blood tests after multiple miscarriages, all came back 'normal'. I researched alternative methods as we didn't want to go down the medical route as it just wasn't for us. After a recommendation from a friend, we decided to have a consultation with Siobhán in December 2019.

Diet and fitness were good with both myself and my husband but we needed to address external factors in our lives. Using herbs, supplements, meditation and gratification we made what seemed slight changes in our lives but they had a significant effect on both of us. Siobhán said that I was a perfectionist type of person and gave a lot of myself to others, I could totally relate to this. We both learned to make more time for ourselves and learned that self love is so important. Within 2 months of following Siobhán's advice I became pregnant and maintained my pregnancy.

Throughout the 9 months pregnancy, I had zoom consultations with Siobhán which I found excellent. If changes need to be made, Siobhán advised us and helped us through this time. Our third son was born in November 2020, healthy and happy!

Siobhán excels in her profession. She is a fountain of knowledge through her balance between western and eastern medicine. Siobhán is truly an amazing person and we will be eternally grateful to her for everything.

Lorraine & Paul Conroy

Co Galway

April 2021