Siobhan’s Treatment helped our IVF be a Success

How TCM helped IVF be a Success

· PCOS,LowAMH-HighFSH,Failed IVF,Acupuncture

Read our story of how Siobhan’s treatment helped us to finally conceive our first child.

Myself and my husband were trying to conceive our first child for 3.5 years. We went to a consultant gynaecologist as the first step to finding a solution. He did blood tests and my husband did a semen analysis. All the tests came back fine and I was ovulating. I was put on clomid 50mg for 3 months. This did not work.

A friend suggested I start going to Siobhan. I first visited her in April 2012. She diagnosed me with Kidney Yin Deficiency & Blood Stagnation by looking at my tongue. Every symptom Siobhan mentioned, I had. I was tired, stressed, and irritable and I had bad PMT. My biggest problem was I had very light, dark clotty periods.

Siobhan gave me the raw herbs and Spirilina to take. I was very overwhelmed when I left as everything Siobhan had said was so true. It was like a breath of fresh air. As Siobhan is a trained midwife she knew my previous problems without explanation. I also had a pain in my stomach after the acupuncture. It had moved the badness in me and caused the pain.

I had a lap and dye in June which showed I had adhesions and scar tissue resulting from a previous surgery. My bladder was attached to my womb and my fallopian tubes were kinked over. My pelvis was a mess and our only options were IVF or tubal surgery. This was not what we were expecting to hear. We decided against the tubal surgery as it could just cause more adhesions. So the only option was IVF.

Siobhan recommended for me to be on the herbs at least 6 months before IVF. She wanted to see my husband to make sure she was happy with his health, even though his test results were good. He visited her and she gave him the herb capsules to take 3 times a day to improve his general health.

The herbs corrected my periods to be bright red with no clots and they were a normal flow.  Siobhan recommended I go on a wheat free, dairy free, sugar free diet.  I started in July, it wasn’t easy but I stuck to it rigidly.

So in Oct 2012 we started the IVF process in a Dublin IVF Clinic. The consultant advised me to stop taking the herbs immediately, I did not. I continued taking the herbs & Spirilina for approx 2 weeks before we started IVF, in Feb 2013. They ran the usual tests and found my AMH to be 49, which is very high. I was put on the lowest dose of Puregon, for stimulation. We got 15 eggs at egg collection. 7 of these fertilised and were good quality. We ended up with 5 excellent quality blastocysts. One was transferred back on Day 5 & 4 were frozen. We were delighted with the result of so many good quality blastocysts. We can only put the quality & the quantity down to the herbs and advice from Siobhan.

On the 8th March ’13 our dreams came true & we got a positive pregnancy test, a sight I never thought I would see.  I put this success down to Siobhan.  I know if we had tried IVF before attending Siobhan, our IVF wound not have been a success.  I attended Siobhan for treatment & midwifery advice for 10 months.  And I am now 13 weeks pregnant.

Update: Our very healthy baby boy was born in October 2013. Siobhan thank you so much for helping us with everything. I know our baby boy wouldn’t be here only for your help. He is a little dote and we are besotted with him.

Another Update: January 2016 while preparing for another IVF with Siobhan's help acupuncture herbs and castor oil packs, we miracously conceived naturally and had another very healthy baby.

Thank you Siobhan for all your help.

Anon (32)